About Us

We are a small Celtic boutique providing authentic Celtic products that come from the UK as well as wonderful Celtic products made outside the UK.  You will find Jewelry, Clothing, Food, Candy, Accessories, Fragrance, Glassware, Stoneware and more. Tartan and tweed specific items including kilts, waistcoats, vests, scarves, caps, shawls, serapes, throws  etc. can be special ordered to your individual liking.

I'm proud to have two local artists and a candlemaker (Wildwood Gallery, Vintage Candle House, Phyllis Moorman Artist) from Grand Junction displaying here!‚Äč

I was born in Grand Junction, CO and raised in a nearby rural town so I'm a Colorado native who grew up in the house my grandfather built.  My ancestry is from the UK including Scotland, Ireland, England, and more.  Specifically, we are a part of the Clan Stewart of Appin.  Growing up our family shopped downtown Grand Junction and it's surreal that I am now a local owner/operator of a brick and mortar shop!

Whether the Celts are part of your past or you just enjoy Celtic products, this shop is for you!