About Us

About Us

Established in 2017, the Tattered Tartan is a Wee Celtic Boutique full of clothing, jewelry, accessories, goodies, gifts and art in downtown Grand Junction, Colorado.

Born in Grand Junction, Colorado, owner Chris Brewer was raised in nearby Bedrock, CO. (Yes, the Flintstones were popular there!) Shopping downtown Grand Junction as a child led Chris to fall in love with the city, and as an adult, she chose Grand Junction as her residence and the location of her business. Her love for all things Celtic and family prompted her to open The Tattered Tartan where you can purchase authentic, quality products sourced from Ireland, Scotland, Wales and more.

One of Chris's other loves is local art, and a section of the store is actually an ART GALLERY! The Tattered Tartan is active in the art community, participating in:

  • The First Friday of the Month Art Walk (an evening activity)
  • Thursday nights during the summer for the local Farmers Market.

Inside the store, you'll find the Wildwood Gallery where you can enjoy:
  • A scheduled paint party
  • Choose from one of many fine hand-painted gifts created with acrylic paints and mudding.

You'll also find hand-crafted pine needle baskets, wood burnings, and crochet items by the owner Tandy Morgan.

Other artists within the store's open gallery include: Phyllis Moorman, Artist, who paints vibrant representational art, with nature often her inspiration. Her mediums include alcohol ink, Brusho crystals and encaustic wax. Debby Locke has chosen glass art to create her one-of-a-kind, sparkling wall hangings, tables and more. And to complete your home d├ęcor, Vintage House Candles has hand-crafted candles perfect for any setting. Feel free to ask any of these artists for an art piece designed especially for you.

Check out the Tattered Tartan to connect with your roots and find that special gift or purchase that will be cherished.